Happy Plants and Garden Creatures

I am not a serious gardener.  I do not test my soil; have a shed full of fertilizers or a myriad of gardening tools.  And, I cannot wax philosophically about the pros and cons of plant characteristics. I buy plants that speak to me (metaphorically, I am not that crazy – yet) and plant them where they are pleasing to the eye. If they are happy — great!  If not, I move them.  If they survive –good!  If not, I buy a different plant.  If they are a vegetable and I’m able to harvest some food – better still!


I enjoy being outside digging in the soil or relaxing while communing with my garden friends (again, metaphorically… I’m not really having a conversation with the garter snake –yet).



Tadpole Mystery

Working in the yard one morning and noticed hundreds of tadpoles in one of the ponds. 


Have never seen them again.  Did they all die?  Did something eat them all?  Are they just all on the bottom?  They seemed to just disappear, no little floating bodies.  I don’t know what happened to them.