The Silencer

Can’t identify this bird/hawk/falcon?   Usually working in the yard and abruptly there is silence.  The birds and squirrels are completely quiet.  Sometimes I will glimpse him silently maneuvering through the trees and just this one time the camera was nearby.  Couldn’t get a good shot though. He doesn’t look all that menacing.ImageImage

What the Hell Is That Noise

Was awakened one night about 4 months ago around 2 am to the weirdest sound.  Somewhere between a monkey and an owl.  Kept hearing this sound way early in the morning.  Figured it was an owl or possibly a Chupacabra.  Went to All About Birds site and listened to different owl calls and discovered it was a barred owl.

Never caught a glimpse of the owl for the past 4 months until last week:

Just hung out on the fence searching for small scurrying things until the magpies came and chased him off.Image