Tadpole Mystery

Working in the yard one morning and noticed hundreds of tadpoles in one of the ponds. 


Have never seen them again.  Did they all die?  Did something eat them all?  Are they just all on the bottom?  They seemed to just disappear, no little floating bodies.  I don’t know what happened to them.

What the Hell Is That Noise

Was awakened one night about 4 months ago around 2 am to the weirdest sound.  Somewhere between a monkey and an owl.  Kept hearing this sound way early in the morning.  Figured it was an owl or possibly a Chupacabra.  Went to All About Birds site and listened to different owl calls and discovered it was a barred owl. 


Never caught a glimpse of the owl for the past 4 months until last week:

Just hung out on the fence searching for small scurrying things until the magpies came and chased him off.Image