Tadpole Mystery

Working in the yard one morning and noticed hundreds of tadpoles in one of the ponds. 


Have never seen them again.  Did they all die?  Did something eat them all?  Are they just all on the bottom?  They seemed to just disappear, no little floating bodies.  I don’t know what happened to them.

5 thoughts on “Tadpole Mystery

    • No fish at the time. I had fish once (sigh). The raccoons left my fish alone for almost a year and then in one night complete carnage. Those that were not eaten died of stress.
      I don’t think a raccoon could have eaten all the tadpoles, literally hundreds, but perhaps.

  1. We had tadpoles in our fish pond (six fish) and as soon as they hatched they just went. This year I pulled the spawn out of the pond as soon as it was laid. I now have two big buckets with 800 tadpoles! I’m trying to give Mother Nature a helping hand and buck the trend of all the losses.

      • It’s turned out they need cleaning quite often. I’m doing it about twice a week which involves having to fish them all out with a sieve and transfer them to a clean water bucket. That and lots of feeding of bread and reduced Supermarket salad leaves. The first few have grown their front legs now. I guess after they lose their tales it’s time to let them go, but not quite worked out when.

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